Are you ready to take your executive brand to a whole new level?

Be visible. Be valued.


Our hunch is someone you trust mentioned us to you, or you stumbled upon one of our social posts, videos, or articles online. Whatever path you took, we’re really glad you’re here. The Power Hour is full of incredible insights, ideas and resources to help you take your executive brand to the next level (not kidding!).

You're the face of your company.

Your executive brand is an effective way to profoundly, positively influence perception and business performance.
Building your executive brand is the most radical & disruptive approach to marketing today. It’s tough. We make it a lot easier, less stressful, more predictable, and more fun.

Can’t make it to the Executive Branding Power Hour?


Join us Every week on Wed, at 12pm pacific time

We are always happy to meet you and look forward to it. Feel free to say a BIG HI as you join the session.

Depending on the days agenda, we will have a small presentation a video to watch or even delve into more important matter of empowering you in any thoughts or questions you might have.

Excitement does not even explain how much we look forward to this session. Bring all your questions, thoughts, comments and your extraordinary self to the table and see how we can effectively build your brand.

It is never a goodbye but see you later. Specifically next Wednesday :). We look forward to having you onboard for another brand building session.

Whatever your goal, we can get you there.

  • I want to be recognized as an outstanding leader.
  • I want to get an executive board position.
  • I want to transition to consulting roles.
  • I want more speaking engagements.
  • I have a product launch.
  • I want more sales.
  • I just don’t want a simple error to make me look less professional.
  • I struggle with analysis paralysis when I write.
  • I’m articulate, I swear! I just don’t have the time to do what I know I need to.
  • I need to create an effective executive profile.
  • I want to be a voice of the industry & showcase thought leadership.
  • I want to connect with people that matter and accelerate business through relationships.
  • I want to show that I’m an authentic, socially engaged executive, committed to reaching and developing the next generation of leaders.
  • I have lots of leading ideas in the industry to share.
  • I want to attract & retain the best talent.

What you might have missed

On this session we enjoyed an Insightful presentation and an interesting Q & A that dived into the top view of executive branding

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