Today’s top-performing leaders prioritize executive branding

Around the world and across industries, executives who were once convinced that social media wasn’t worth their time, now consider their participation in these networks as essential to their role.

As a result, the top executives in the world see the benefits of building a strong online brand.

Thought Leadership Strategy

Your executive brand is your calling card when you reach out across your network.

Your online brand articulates what differentiates you and shows you’re an active participant in the ecosystem.

At Reactionpower, we’ll help you:

Take part and take control
Create effective executive profiles on social media
Control your image and manage your reputation
Gain distinctive industry insights
Keep tabs on the competition & potential acquisitions

Demonstrate your leadership
Show that you’re innovative – by being socially engaged
Offer an authentic, human face to your company
Stay on top of the leading ideas in your industry
Be a voice of your industry and build thought leadership

Accelerate sales
Connect with your top 100 customers
Efficiently connect with the people that matter
Leverage your network effectively to reach more prospects or talent
Be where your customers are & identify new leads

Founder. CEO. President. Senior VP. Executive Director. Managing Partner. Director.

If you’re in one of these roles (not that the list is exhaustive), then people want — and in some cases need — to hear from you.

How did you get where you are? How do you do what you do? What is the unique perspective you’ve gained about your industry?

Executive branding and establishing your thought leadership on social media isn’t about answering these questions in a way that builds you up. It’s about answering them in a way that inspires and empowers others. People don’t read your opinions because they care about your journey but because they care about their own — and what they can learn from you to be successful too.

In other words, it’s proactive reputation management, marketing, and good old-fashioned PR all rolled into one. And today it’s more crucial than ever. That’s exactly why we do executive branding.

Build Your Visibility With Credibility

Your participation in social media will be welcomed by your customers and employees. As a leader, you’re demonstrating your interest in being connected, staying current, and making your mark where the newcomers to your industry will be.


Accelerate Business Through Relationships

Connect with relevant prospects and show that your company is innovative – by having socially engaged leaders.

As a top executive, you have a clear opportunity to bring a sense of proximity and connection to your company’s professional and customer ecosystem at a low cost and with low time commitment through social media.

Get & Share Curated Insights

The 2019 Edelman-LinkedIn B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study found that 58% of decision-makers in business consumed thought-leadership content on social media for at least one hour per week — with 21% reporting at least four hours per week. Leading executives are using social media to gather essential business intelligence and consider their participation in these networks as fundamental to their role.

Lead in the digital age!

Customize your social profiles to be aligned with your objectives and constraints as a top executive, right from the start.

We’ll set you up for success, while also managing the potential risks associated with any social media presence.

More telling stats?


of decision-makers
said thought-leadership content on social media
increased their respect for an organization.


of business leaders
said insightful content on social media
enhances a brand’s reputation


of decision-makers
said thought-leadership content on social media
increases trust


of executives say they would rather work for a social CEO
(The Social CEO: Executives Tell All,
Weber Shandwick 2013)

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