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The CMO’s rapport with the C-suite is a turning point in establishing marketing’s role as a growth driver.
Our goal is to get you the intelligence you need to make better business decisions.
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Episode 12:

Professional Branding Services that will Change the Face of your Business in 2023

Your brand is who you are as a company. It is the image that comes into your consumers’ and potential customers’ minds when they see your logo or are mentioned in passing. Building this brand image, however, isn’t a one-time thing. You have to consistently update the elements of your brand image, a task requiring dedicated and custom expertise.
In this episode, Loryne and Marion discuss why you need to leverage professional branding services in order to establish your brand equity and fully unlock your business’ potential.

Episode 11:

ESG Marketing Model: 10 Business Crucial Best Practices

According to recent research, consumers and employees are more likely to buy from or work for companies that share their values across the various elements of ESG. Due to crises such as the global pandemic and recessions, we have an enlarged pool of conscientious consumers who are willing to pay even more for healthier, safer, more environmentally and socially conscious products and brands. In this episode, Gladys and Loryne unpack how a brand could harness the most of ESG to its advantage.

Episode 10:

Tiktok, Reels, Shorts Why Short Form Video is the Most Poweful Marketing Tool in 2022

The average human attention span is now shorter than a goldfish’s! As of 2022, it is estimated to be at just around 8 seconds, one second below that of a goldfish. Part of this is now being increasingly attributed to technological conveniences and the ever-so-distracting social media.
As a consequence, short-form videos are now more popular than were before. In this episode, we discuss why and how marketers can tap into the wide variety of short video platforms available in order to get ahead of the competition and sustain gains.

Podcast Gallery

Episode 9:

3 Strategic Actions For CMO Success

Description: The COVID 19 pandemic has forced many organizations to significantly alter policies and initiatives in order to adapt to the needs, expectations, and demands of their employees, customers, and stakeholders who have had to reorient to a more digital environment. In this podcast episode, we unpack insights and learnings from the 2022 Gartner CMO Vision eBook and share top-level guidance for marketing leaders and their teams on where to focus marketing efforts for success this year and beyond.

Episode 8:

Gen Z: Meet The New Consumer On The Block

Generation Z is quickly becoming the most powerful consumer group in the world. If you haven’t started to bridge the gap between your millennial-driven strategies and those that appeal more to Gen Z, you’re at risk of lagging behind. Key to this podcast is helping to understand Generation Z consumer characteristics and how businesses can tap into this worthwhile consumer base.

Episode 7:

Zero Party and First Party Data

In the wake of the cookie apocalypse, how can marketers begin to adapt so that they can continue to effectively target and grow their audiences? In this episode, we discuss 2 key strategies that marketers can leverage to thrive in a third-party cookieless world!

Episode 6:

Data Quality: How To Gauge What Counts

Data is the heartbeat of modern marketing. While data quality is important, it can often be pushed aside in the rush to manage all of your other responsibilities as a Chief Marketing Officer. Ultimately, poor data quality can have a serious and far-reaching negative impact on your company. In this episode we discuss the key parameters to consider when measuring the quality of your marketing data.

Episode 5:

How To Create An Excellent Executive Brand

Building a personal brand is more than just getting your name out there. As a senior executive, investing time and resources to creating a strong brand could elevate your influence and success. In this episode we take a close look at how to build an excellent executive brand and why it matters more than ever in 2022.

Episode 4:

Break the Bias for Women in Tech

Gender equality remains a major issue in the corporate world and is particularly prevalent in the male dominated tech industry. In line with the campaign theme for this year’s International Women’s Day revolving around ‘breaking the bias’, in this episode, we unpack gender bias in the tech sector.

Episode 3:

Why Executive Branding Matters

Executive brand building matters more than ever in 2022! Whether you’re ready to invest in executive branding services or you’re simply looking to elevate your brand, this episode is for you. We unpack 6 tips that will help you exceed your professional goals in 2022 and beyond.

Episode 2:

Your Digital Transformation Guide

Digital adoption has taken a quantum leap and there is no going back! As a business leader, you want clarity to make bold decisions and feel confident in your digital transformation strategy. Learn how to scale and adapt to a post-pandemic digital world.

Episode 1:

NFTs: What is Web3 and Why Does It Matter to Chief Marketing Officers?

Why are NFTs so hot right now? Why are they relevant to marketing? In this episode we explore 10 ways Chief Marketing Officers can leverage NFTs to keep ahead of the game.

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