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Digital Parity In the AFROTECH 2022 Conference

AFROTECH Conference 2022 is taking place at Austin Convention Center and Hilton Austin, and DEI is the star-studded on this tech conference. Despite being dubbed ‘The Place For All Things Black in Tech and WEB3’, it is more than that. People of all ages, gender, and ethnicity have a lapel for their mics. Moreover, it’s not all work and play at the conference as there is top-notch electric entertainment handpicked for the attendees.

AFROTECH 2022 is taking the definition of inclusion to the next level. The conference which is normally attended by corporate execs, investors, and tech moguls, has gone beyond and included musicians and slotted in spaces for everyone else, including students and kids; it is happening at a time when investing in diversity and equity is more important than ever, as semi-engineering reports that women are still underrepresented in STEAM careers, especially on the doctoral level. Afrotech, however, has included over 70 women in tech and female musicians in their guest list. This is the greatest display of tech equity and inclusivity even as the conference is organized with black excellence at the top of the table.

This first-time in-person event for Blavity Inc is highly mounted on a multi-cultural pillar. Among its speaking sessions is an explainer on “Why you should be leveraging culture to launch your new product.” This conference’s day one had an in-session screening of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and has scheduled sessions for different communities: college attendees, the queer community, and the black community in general. More peculiar are the brand names of the entertainment partners gracing the event, for instance: Brownskin Brunchin’s Sneaker ball and Jollof Festival, these brand names depict entertainment rooted in a proud culture and representation of a certain people.

What strikes the most about this conference is the climate change conversation. This conversation is in synchrony with the UNFCC’s (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate) COP 27 in Egypt. It is important to note that at the conference, the climate change conversations start off with a deep dive into the relationship between tech and climate, then steer off to vulnerable ecosystems like Haiti, before closing off with a call to action presented by the Patagonia community, who will empower the 20, 000 attendees to devise their Climate Action Plans.

This conference that will see partners; new and old coming together has set the standard for diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is a conference that has something for everyone.  It is your opportunity to network, up your technical skills, and even find a place you can belong in.

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Marion is a passionate Writer and Editor with an academic background in Environmental Management, Climate Change Resilience, and Sustainability Capacity Building. She is passionate about copywriting and editing for the ever-growing global market. She finds satisfaction in using content to engage with communities through blogs and websites and endeavors each day to make customer satisfaction her first priority. Marion enjoys reading and writing poetry, as well as watching sports.

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