Digital Transformation: Companies who are doing it right—and how they’re doing it

From big retail giants to small service companies, here’s how some brands are putting their personalization strategy into action and results.


Target is winning big by meeting order-ahead demand head-on. But this shift did not happen overnight. The digital transformation that was accelerated during the pandemic started well before 2020.

Target has long understood that customers expect brands to have an identifiable personality and style. The retailer also knew customers are more likely to engage if a brand can cater to their individual preferences, regardless of location or device. The marketing team developed an accelerated omni-channel approach to online shopping that has boosted digital sales by 31%.


  • Target focused on enhancing digital capabilities.
  • Keeping in line with its e-commerce growth strategy, Target acquired Shipt and implemented an e-commerce shopping experience that included same-day delivery and in-store pickup options.
  • Target remodeled over 300 stores to allow for easier customer pickup.


  • 50% increase in stock price
  • In total, Target’s digital sales have grown by 31%
  • Same-day delivery and buy online pick up in-store services accounted for 80% of the retailers’ digital growth in the company’s most recent quarter.
  • In stores nationwide, “click and collect” sales have grown 47%.



Restaurant chain Chick-fil-A, which encompasses 2,300 restaurants across the U.S., and boasted $9 billion in revenue in 2017, has proven that personalization can bring a new dimension—as well as new revenue—to previously impersonal B2C interactions.


  • Grow online revenue by increasing online catering orders.
  • Increase customer engagement across channels and personalize digital interactions.
  • Raise customer loyalty with membership program.


  • Chick-fil-A’s digital transformation included personalized offerings based on the user’s location—and the time of day. For example, the menu was configured to show breakfast items before 10:30am and offer treats like ice cream in the afternoon.
  • Chick-fil-A’s new website and app help customers find nearby restaurants, and place catering orders.
  • Context marketing enabled personalized digital content and was used to drive the adaption of Chick-fil-A One points.
  • Personalized stories were enabled in real time according to customer personas.


  • The changes brought about a 450% increase in online breakfast catering orders, a 143% increase in engagement value through cross-selling, and a 44% increase in new product page views.
  • Increased revenue with integrated online ordering.
  • 175% higher “Fan” customer segment story page views; 85% higher engagement value.



L’Oreal, one of the largest cosmetics companies in the world, set out an ambitious digital goal to refresh and relaunch 600 websites for 15 brands in the space of three years, with the ultimate aim of becoming the leading digital beauty brand on the planet. At the center of this transformation, L’Oreal wanted to improve their customers’ online experience by delivering personalized content and recommendations based on customer interaction data.


  • Innovate new services and experiences on new channels such as e-commerce and fast.
  • Deliver personalized experiences based on customer interaction data.
  • Reinvent the core marketing model to deliver a globally consistent online brand experience while providing cost-effective localization.


L’Oreal leveraged Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP), Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB) and MicrosoftAzure. The new digital platform gave them the speed to market and flexibility they wanted. This also consolidated 10+ technologies into one and enabled them to customize product offerings based on consumer profiles.


  • Unified, consistent digital presence across all brands.
  • Lower capital costs and technology administration by consolidating 10-plus technologies into one, with Sitecore.
  • Improved page load times from 7 seconds to below 3 seconds.



The Prestigious Canadian law firm was eager to turn its “brochure” style website into an enterprise-grade lead generation powerhouse. The firm sought to give website visitors personalized access to the 40,000 digital documents and resources it had to offer.


  • Migrate and simplify “brochure” website to reflect a Tier 1 brand.
  • Personalize access to breadth and depth of global resources.
  • Empower site users to quickly find relevant information.


The 150-year old law firm launched a new site that communicated firm’s wide range of global services and expertise. GeoIP identified the location of the user’s IP address and served tailored content accordingly. Clients benefited from multi-language support, global personalization, and intelligent browsing. By personalizing a prospect’s experience based on their interests, browsing history, and geographical location, Fasken saw that customers were willing to move from a transactional mindset to an engagement mindset.


  • Engaged users in a conversion path.
  • Increased event registrations and subscriptions by 10%.
  • Fasken attorneys were able to capitalize on leads captured via the new site.


Southern Phone

Australia’s largest regional telecom company, Southern Phone was on a mission to deliver cutting-edge customer experiences to maintain customer loyalty in a hectic industry. As part of their initiative, Southern Phone wanted to launch an eCommerce offering. They also wanted to tailor messaging for new website visitors and deliver personalized content based on location.


  • Create an online commerce channel to grow revenue.
  • Deliver world-class customer experience to maintain customer loyalty.
  • Evolve from brochureware site to agile digital presence.
  • Target messaging, imagery for appeal to new customers.


Southern Phone adopted tools to collect and leverage customer data for more intelligent marketing decisions. The team developed e-commerce, campaign, and geolocation-based personalization. New visitors are given tailored imagery and messaging. Customer satisfaction and sales improved across target markets.


  • Optimized and personalized content for better user engagement
  • Implemented robust cross-selling, upselling, and bundled offerings
  • Integrated website with help desk; freed staff to deliver high-value customer care
  • Decreased time to market by 50%



Leading vehicle glass repair service Carglass aimed to crack through its dependence on its owner Belron to administer its regional websites. Carglass wanted more control of the web experience, and wanted to personalize the customer experience, too.


  • Personalize experience for Belgium and Luxembourg market.
  • Short deadline to build and launch website, with lots of moving parts.
  • Generate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Optimize mobile user experience to improve conversion
  • Administer website without reliance on large corporate owner.


With a revamped website and app fueled by personalized content, the company has seen a huge increase in online bookings. By collecting and analyzing data, Carglass optimizes user journeys. Carglass also found new opportunities to up-sell retail products that could be picked up conveniently when customers visited for a service.

Moreover, marketers in the region can now update and promote local offerings.


  • Personalized content and recommendations reduced the burden on its call centers.
  • 100% increase in visitors accessing the site via smartphone and tablet.
  • 8%  increase in conversion on desktop and by 6.4% on mobile
  • 12.5% increase in session durations.
  • 16.1% decrease in bounce rates.

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