Social Media Marketing Trends: 2 Vital Elements to Tap Into Now

Social media marketing trends have drastically changed in the past year. You’re probably wondering, what are they now. Well, let’s talk about them.

1. Video! It’s vital

Video has reel-y taken off in 2021.

In fact, through Instagram, Facebook is willing to invest up to $1 billion in creators who are willing to use and understand video because it’s the most engaging form of content online.  

Memes are taking a new direction: video

52% of people aged 15-35 years globally share memes every week.

From August 2019 to July 2020, mentions of memes have gone from 19 million to 24.9 million, with its highest point at 28 million shares in April 2020. In this uptick in meme sharing, it would be wise to follow it in its new direction: video. 

Memes exploded when YouTube was released in 2005. That trend still holds. While they have evolved, memes are still primarily shared in video format.  

Today memes are more visually (rather than contextually) humorous, absurd, diverse, and niche. This makes them less intuitive and less likely to be fully understood by a wider audience. They are a powerful way to connect with your target audience emotively as an insider who gets them! 

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When sharing memes, keep in mind: 

    • Your brand logo placement
    • How to handle engagement and sharing your user-generated memes
    • Checking regulations, ensuring there’s no risk of copyright infringements, and managing misinformation

How are you handling disinformation?

Be mindful of what you post!

Disinformation is on the rise and most social platforms are taking the time to tag information posted with false information. It’s imperative that brands confirm information is true before posting. 

This rise in fact-checking began to take place surrounding the high stakes of the COVID-19 pandemic and politics (particularly around the 2020 U.S. elections and pandemic). Now the practice is so rampant that it’s one of the most crucial social media marketing trends to note. There are false information tags on all the biggest platforms to protect users from getting swayed by falsehoods. 

Stay ahead of the disinformation trend by being:

    • Authentic
    • Accountable 
    • Empathetic 

Incorporating each of those elements with transparency will not only set you apart but keep consumers intrigued.

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2. Remix!

This is not your favorite DJ’s spin on Billboard’s top 100. This trend is all about content! 

Remixing is recreating pre-existing content to show creativity, personality, thoughts, and ideas. 

Tik Tok, Instagram, and Koji all allow users to remix posted content by switching up format, ideas, templates, etc.  

Remixing promotes the idea of interconnectedness via interactivity. This trend allows communities across groups and industries to show commonality and promote conversation. For brands, it’s an opportunity to move from broadcast messaging to conversational marketing. 

Remixing can work wonders whether you’re creating your social media video, animation, interactive video, live video, video for internal communication, personal video, or searchable video.


So tap into these two social media marketing trends. We believe they are here to stay!  

Which social media marketing trends are you predicting will take off in 2021 and beyond? Tell us! Comment below.

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