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A Leader’s Guide to Networking Using a LinkedIn QR Code

LinkedIn is the premier platform for building a strong executive brand. It’s a dynamic platform to connect, engage, and establish thought leadership as a leader. As an ever-evolving platform, keeping up with emerging trends and timeless features such as having the LinkedIn QR code is important. This feature on LinkedIn might have gone unnoticed by many but it is a critical networking tool for executives who want to level up their playing field and easily forge meaningful connections with other executives and prominent industry players.

Let us discuss the nitty-gritty of how to curate one and accelerate networking.

What are LinkedIn QR codes?

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These Quick Response Codes are designed to enhance your networking efforts. The QR code directs anyone who scans it directly to another’s LinkedIn profile.

Setting up LinkedIn QR codes

For Executives who are always on the move, the QR code saves one time by allowing you to scan and connect instantly.

The steps include:


Have the most updated version of the LinkedIn app


Log into your LinkedIn and Tap the QR code in the Search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.


Tap the My Code tab to find your QR code.

To scan a QR code:


Open the LinkedIn app on your mobile device.


Tap the QR code in the Search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.


Tap the Scan tab.


Hold your mobile device directly above the LinkedIn member’s QR code that you’d like to connect with.


You can also tap Scan from photos to select a QR code that you’ve previously saved to your photo gallery.

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Leveraging LinkedIn QR codes for networking


You are always ready

You could be in a busy event, a cafe, a casual business meeting, elevator and you want to connect with others, all you have to do is easily access your LinkedIn app and head to the Network tab. After that, you select the QR code icon for others to scan and instantly you are connected. This means you are always prepared to connect and turn every chance into a potential networking opportunity.


Incorporating QR codes into presentations

Imagine concluding a riveting presentation at a conference. The room buzzes with the energy of inspired minds eager to connect with you.

Here’s where your LinkedIn QR Code becomes the star of the show. Include it on the last slide of your presentation with a call to action like, “Let’s connect on LinkedIn.”

It’s a seamless invitation for attendees to engage with you further, transforming a fleeting interaction into a lasting connection.


Transforming Business Cards with QR Codes

LinkedIn QR codes for business cards

Business cards have stood the test of time in the networking playbook. By adding your LinkedIn QR Code to your business card, you bridge the gap between traditional and digital networking. This small addition ensures that when you hand out your card, you’re not just passing on your contact information but an invitation to explore your professional landscape on LinkedIn. It’s an efficient way to enhance the value of every card you exchange.


Leveraging QR Codes at Events

Events and conferences are fertile ground for networking. Amidst the fast-paced environment, your LinkedIn QR Code can be a swift conduit for new connections. Display your QR code prominently on your event badge, or even consider having it available on a tablet at your booth or sitting area. This not only makes it easier for people to connect with you but also sets a tone of technological savvy and accessibility.

How do I integrate my QR Code?

Here are 4 steps on how you can integrate your QR code :

  • Generate your LinkedIn QR Code: Access your profile settings, navigate to “Edit Public Profile” and click on “Create a QR Code” under your profile picture.
  • Embed in Presentations: Add your QR Code to your presentation slides, allowing attendees to instantly connect with you on LinkedIn.
  • Business Card Boost: Incorporate your QR Code alongside your contact information on your business card, enabling a seamless transition to your online profile.
  • Event Networking: Display your QR Code on posters or wearables at conferences or networking events, encouraging easy profile access.

Actionable Insights for effective QR networking:


Practice the Pitch: Have a concise and engaging pitch ready for when people scan your QR code. This pitch should encapsulate who you are, what you do, and what value you bring to your connections.


Follow-Up: After making new connections, take the initiative to follow up with a personalized message. This follow-through is crucial in cementing the connection and exploring potential collaboration opportunities.


Analyze Engagement: LinkedIn offers insights into who views your profile. Use this data to understand the effectiveness of your QR code sharing and to tailor your follow-up strategy.

Pro Tip: Don’t just display the QR Code; provide a call to action. Direct viewers to “Connect with me on LinkedIn” or “Learn more about my work.”

Leaders can transform their LinkedIn presence into a powerful networking tool with these strategies. QR Codes bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, creating effortless connections and helping you accelerate how you build relationships.

A strong LinkedIn profile coupled with the strategic use of QR Codes creates a winning combination for leaders seeking to amplify their online presence and establish themselves as influential figures in their industry.


Networking in the digital age is about leveraging the right tools to enhance your connections effectively. LinkedIn QR Code feature might seem like a tiny addition to your networking arsenal, but its impact is profound. Leverage the digital ease to open doors to new opportunities, making every interaction count. For more networking tips and strategies, schedule a free consultation with us, and our experts on executive branding will get you on the right track.

Lorraine is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for creating content and staying on top of the latest trends. She has experience managing various accounts ranging from businesses to executives. Her forte includes community management, lead generation and article writing. She stands by her core values which are integrity and having a meticulous approach to work. Outside work she loves listening to audiobooks, music and adventure.

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