Do You Need A Social Media Marketing Agency? Read To Decide

Is it necessary to hire a social media marketing agency?

The truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. For some, having an in-house social media person is enough, while for some, a social media marketing agency is the only solution. This blog will cover the benefits hiring a social media marketing agency can bring. We shall also include some questions to help you pick the right agency. 

Why Hire A Social Media Marketing Agency

Hiring a social media marketing agency offers a world of benefits. It is not just about getting someone to do your social media for you. Engaging an agency can help in the following ways:

  • An agency can bring a fresh perspective to your brand, product, or service. 
  • Agencies usually offer deep expertise that comes from specialization.
  • Agencies have a world of experience from handling a variety of clients that you or your in-house social media person may not have. 
  • Agencies also have at their disposal more resources, tools, and people. This means that a project that may take you six months, an agency may complete in six weeks.
  • Bringing in an agency opens up opportunities for collaboration, skills sharing, and growth for both parties. 
  • Hiring an agency frees up your time and energy to focus on other areas.
  • In the long run, an agency saves you time, energy, and resources. 

What Services Does A Social Media Marketing Agency Offer

Different agencies offer different services. In general, here are the services that social media marketing agencies usually offer:

  1. Strategy: A social media marketing agency can help you decide where you should focus your social efforts and why. How often should you be posting? Who is your audience? These are some questions an agency should help you decide.
  2. Content development: An agency can create various forms of content for your social channels. From social macros to videos, most agencies are resourced to create all that.
  3. Paid Social: An agency that offers paid social will help you navigate the vast landscape of social ads, as well as report on the performance of your ads to determine ROI. 
  4. Engagement: How do you interact with your audience and build a community of active and engaged followers? An agency can help answer that. 
  5. Analytics: Are your social efforts meeting the objectives set? By gathering and analyzing results, an agency can help you make sense of numbers, and decide how to adjust your social strategy. 

Some agencies offer all or only some of these services. Based on your needs, you can decide which services are the most important for you, and which ones you’d want to delegate to an agency.

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and the services of a social media marketing agency, we can discuss how to pick the right one. Naturally, the choice will depend largely on your requirements. Once you are clear on what you need from an agency, these questions can help you pick the right one for you. 

  • Does the agency have a portfolio detailing the work they have done? Look for specific examples and details of scope.
  • Have they worked with a similar client? While this may not be a dealbreaker, it can be a bonus if they have previously worked in the same industry.
  • What are their prices, compared with other agencies? It’s important to do a comparison to ensure that you are getting maximum value.
  • Do their values match your own company ones? For example, if you’re keen on diversity and inclusion, you can find out how diverse their team is. 


We hope these tips have equipped you with all you need to find the right social media marketing agency for you.

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