Online Shopping is Changing

Thrive Post-Pandemic Series: Online Shopping is Still Changing

Let’s talk about the evolution of the digital store.

The Digital Store is Your Oyster.

Entertainmerce is Your Pearl.

I know, that sounds a bit weird, but I mean it.

Let me explain. While at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns, people were burning through television shows and movies, fostering old and new hobbies, taking on good and bad habits, and *cue drum roll* a rise in eCommerce sales!

Unfortunately,  many brick-and-mortar stores suffered in the adjustment phase or completely went under.

This phenomenon showed the importance of not only creating a seamless digital storefront but staying vigilant of trends. 

Will the uptick in eCommerce stick?

49% of consumers expect to shop online more frequently, even after the pandemic. Click To Tweet


With so many options available, your competition is merely a click away. 

So, the real question we should ask ourselves is, how do I lure in more customers and make them stick?

Customer service is still crucial.

Across the United States, Brazil, India, China, France, United Kingdom, and Germany, online purchases are still largely driven by the following, if well executed: 

  • Free delivery and return (60%)
  • Quick and easy check-out process (43%)
  • If the brand supported people during COVID-19 (29%)
  • If the shopping experience is entertaining (29%)
  • If the brand supports social causes (28%)
  • Ability to virtually “try-on” or test a product (25%)
  • Viewing a live stream demonstration (24%)
  • Live Q&A sessions with experts (17%)
  • Recommendation from an influencer (16%)
  • Limited product availability (14%) (Mander)

Entertainment is Trending.

The increase in using entertainment in the user-experience is called “entertainmerce”.

Entertainment is popular amongst high-income earners Click To Tweet

Platforms like Tiktok and Instagram are fighting to integrate entertainment into their apps by adding live streams.

This has made it harder for retailers to get their customer’s attention. 

 Is your shopping experience is entertaining? 

One way that entertainmerce is emerging is via live streams.

Live streaming took China by storm and it’s now doing the same in western nations. As trends always go, there will be variations to the trend to meet the needs of the local cultures.

With entertainment, live streaming includes aspects such as :

  • Entertainment, of course
  • Product demonstration
  • Seeing product results 
  • Limited drops (exclusivity and scarcity )
  • Insightful information  

Although influencers ranked lower on the list of how online purchases are made, 29% surveyed said they frequently attended live streams by influencers on social media.


Stay Ahead of The Curve.

Live streams appear to be most popular in China and Germany.

With entertainment being the hook, popping into a live stream seems more alluring in the United States, India, and the United Kingdom if a live demo is being conducted. In these countries, doing product quality over entertainment-focused streams is key.

With the pandemic, we expected the trend of live streams to come slower but instead, they have catapulted us into the future.

Don’t get left behind by lollygagging. It’s time for you to integrate entertainmerce into your business model.


The future is here.

The digital future will reward those who can take advantage of it. To this end, we are constantly learning, and staying abreast of advancements and updates to keep our clients ahead of the game online. We’re obsessed with helping you achieve your objectives even in a changing landscape. Learn more about how we can help you get more done.



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