How to Make the Most of Social Media During COVID-19

Unprecedented. Uncertain. Extraordinary.

It’s safe to say you can’t scroll through your news or social media feeds without coming across at least one of these buzzwords. Of course, these terms are completely justified seeing as we’re in the midst of a global health crisis of unparalleled proportions. However, it does beg the question: As a marketing executive, how do you appropriately position your brand, reach your consumer, and connect meaningfully in this current environment?

Scroll on for insightful quotes from some brilliant marketers and learn how brands can lead with humanity, stay relevant, and be of service during this Coronavirus  crisis:

“We’re looking for lots of ways to engage with our customers on social. We want to maintain that valuable relationship with our guests even at a time when we can’t interact in a way we’re used to in our restaurants.”  – Steph So, vice president of digital experience at Shake Shack

“With social media being a big focal point, brands have the opportunity to do a lot more storytelling and education and ultimately those things do help with conversion because it helps to build confidence that the client is buying a product that’s going to work.” – Nancy Twine, founder and CEO of Briogeo

“Being nimble as a business and as a marking organization—this is the name of the game right now.” – Cheryl Guerin, executive vice president of North America marketing and communications at Mastercard

“We’re communicating with our client service and community teams on a daily basis so that we’re able to get feedback in real-time so that we can pivot and make changes.” – Nancy Twine, founder and CEO of Briogeo

“A big part of our strategy is doubling down on listening to our community, being empathetic, and being flexible.” – Nancy Twine, founder, and CEO of Briogeo

“You’re going to make mistakes. You can’t eat an elephant in one bite, take it one day at a time.” – Tera Peterson, esthetician and co-founder of NuFACE

“Reframe the way that you look at failure. I’ve worked for companies before that no longer exist and didn’t make it and to look at that as a learning experience rather than a loss or a failure.” – Mari Mazzucco, influencer marketing and PR at OLLY

“Don’t stress, you’re not stuck… Instead of absorbing yourself in stress, put that energy toward your ultimate dream.” – Nancy Twine, founder and CEO of Briogeo

What we do now will set us up for success in the future.

Our news feeds are full of harrowing reports, and there’s new pressure to go even more digital, both in business practices and promotion. Amplifying your messages on social media sets you up as a solution-provider.

As you think about building your online presence, automating your operational processes, and navigating during this time of uncertainty, we are here to help.

Jenn Wise is an information technology enthusiast and AWS solutions architect. An innovative product, business development, and strategic operations executive, she is experienced in e-commerce, marketplaces, global expansion (APAC, EMEA, and LATAM), and leading innovation initiatives. Jenn is currently the Director of Business Development at Reactionpower.com. Her mission is to help busy tech and marketing executives get more done, particularly during fast-paced periods of challenge and change.

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