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User-generated Content or UGC, refers to all kinds of content about your brand created and shared by your audience. This include:

  • Social media content
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • Q&A forums
  • Blog posts
  • Comments
  • Video content (including live streaming and AR lenses/filters)
  • Case studies etc.

User-generated content is powerful as it is a social kind of word-of-mouth, adding to your brand’s authenticity by showcasing people who love your brand. Tapping into user-generated content offers a variety of benefits that include:

  1. Gaining credibility from real-life examples of people who love your brand
  2. Having a rich and diverse content library that complements your own content

If you are excited about incorporating user-generated content into your strategy, here are some tips:

  • Be Specific – think about the kind of content you would like to share then when encouraging your audience to share UGC, be specific about the kind of photos and videos you are looking for. Make sure that you encourage your audience to share content that aligns with your brand and marketing goals.
  • Ask for permission – before sharing content that uses your branded hashtag, ensure that you ask for permission from the creator to re-share their content.
  • Credit the creator – ensure that whenever you share any UGC, you credit the original creator. 
  • Encourage your audience to join in – when sharing UGC, include a call to action encouraging your audience to join in the fun by sharing their own photos and videos. This will ensure you have a constant stream of UGC to tap into.

As with every marketing effort, analysis will help you determine its effectiveness. One don’t for UGC is: don’t stop there. Once you have started sharing UGC, look through your insights to gauge how your audience is receiving it. Examine the kind of UGC that is being shared to see what you can learn about your brand. 

When used effectively, user-generated content is a great addition to any social media strategy.

Reactionpower will review, approve and/ or respond to your user-generated content based on specified business rules and requirements.


Linda is a Certified Social Media and Content Marketing Specialist. She loves words, storytelling, and social media. When she is not writing, her nose is buried in a book, and when she is not reading, she is likely daydreaming.

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