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How To Create a Strong Personal Marketing Plan

Each New Year presents an opportunity for you to elevate your brand. For most people, that change comes in the form of making resolutions, often encouraging but impractical. The idea of change demands we set goals that inform our actions. It’s how we turn great ideas into practical steps. Here’s a surefire strategy to ensure your brand stands out this 2024.

Defining Your Personal Marketing Plan and Its Importance

Your position as an executive is innately tied to the success and growth of your company. It is a defining market of your personal brand, and knowing how to develop an image that elevates your visibility, communicates your value propositions, primes your brand for more opportunity, and defines your personal marketing plan. Every industry has experts whose influence extends beyond their company. While much of their visibility is tied to their value as professionals, how they market themselves also plays into their notability.

Personal marketing plans are unique. There is no blanket strategy that cuts across every executive. Developing and implementing a personal marketing plan demands you as an executive to lean on your authenticity, identify niche audiences, and tailor your strategy to your individual goals. Your success as a brand hinge on how you develop your image and communicate your message.

The Personal Marketing Plan Checklist

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The core of your brand is your unique value proposition. Expertise and competence bode well for any executive brand. However, your value also depends on your experience, worldview, personal philosophy, and core values. Your brand should communicate your worth with these tenets in mind.

A personal brand statement is a succinct definition of who you are, what you do, and your unique value as an executive. It sums up why your brand matters and why others should pay attention to you.


With nearly two decades of experience in this field, I have a proven track record ensuring technological functionality supports organizational vision, and the systems we adopt allow companies to seamlessly pivot with the changing times.


It references your experience and restates the value of your role as a CIO.

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Knowing your brand is the first great step to creating a sustainable personal marketing plan. You lean on your reputation and competence to define what you represent, but identifying your target audience is crucial to elevating your brand to unmatched prominence.

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A mistake some people make when it comes to marketing themselves is failing to specify who your audience is. Great brands serve the needs of very specific audiences. It’s how you tailor your messaging to inspire engagement and realize a higher return on your investment as a brand.

Targeting niche audiences also ensures you’re not competing with brands that do not have any impact in your field. It’s how you distill your value proposition as a thought leader and come across as the go-to person in your areas of specialty.

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A clear brand and niche target audience should inform your strategy, when it comes to how you produce and publish content. It’s crucial you understand the value of an active and visible online presence. Posting regularly on social networks, sharing and commenting on industry-related articles, and ensuring your opinions drive engagement to your preferred social media platforms or professional website put your brand at the forefront of important conversations.

A visible digital brand ensures you do not publish content that is unimpactful. Sharing how your expertise drives real world change and consistently influences productivity is how you back the insights you share online.

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connect with your network featured image

As your brand grows, it is crucial to attract the attention of your peers and consistently interact with other thought leaders in your space. Leaders empower those around them.
Ensure your engagement with others in your field offers help and nurtures professional relationships, making you a leader among other leaders.

Another important aspect of building lasting relationships is showcasing your work. You can publish case studies or give talks on the projects you’re proud of to demonstrate your skills and impact. Attending industry conferences and other speaking engagements also puts you at the forefront of your field.

Your image forwards your position as a leader but being inclusive and kind makes you a mentor for those below your professional station. Having the foresight to publish content that encourages upcoming talent within your space to push the envelope positions you as a champion for innovation.

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Tracking your progress is essential to ensuring your brand’s growth matches your goals. Maintain a detailed record of your networking interactions, content contributions, overall engagement, and professional development efforts over time to measure the results. This way, you’re aware of your strengths and weaknesses as a brand and can find problem areas in your personal marketing strategy to optimize.


The world outside the day-to-day internal organizational processes rapidly changes, and those who are slow to adapt tend to fall behind. The personal marketing plan is an essential tool for leaders, especially in the hyper-digital world in which we live. Knowing the steps you need to develop a robust personal marketing plan is an important first step.

Your marketing resolutions are detailed in a practical and strategic plan. However, implementing it may require additional help. The multiple angles you need to cover as you define your brand, identify your target audience, and build a visible online presence can turn into a full-time job if you choose to pursue it alone.

We pride ourselves in ensuring your marketing plan comes to fruition without any inconvenience to you. Equipped with a team of world-class researchers, copywriters, data analysts, and digital marketing strategies, your 2024 marketing resolutions are not impractical. We’re ecstatic at the idea of walking with you as you reinvent your executive brand this year, and the first step is easy: schedule a 30-minute strategy call with us and let your vision for your brand take off. Don’t wait on it, we’re ready for you!

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