Let’s Build a World That Works

Sustainable living is everyone’s business.

The pandemic shows our connected humanity.

We’re deeply human, deeply connected, and deeply in need of real connection; rich, poor, regardless of race, creed, gender, or nationality. 

We’re committed to doing our part. 

2020 made the consequences of digital inequality extra salient. 

Today the demand for creative ways to provide access to all is higher than ever. And so is the unbounded demand to over-deliver value to customers.

It’s also clear now that the need for global solutions that take into account our diverse, expansive human tribe is voracious. Leaders at the top companies are seeking proven professionals that help them think beyond the limited prism of their own experiences.

Open the window of your mind. 

At Reactionpower, we’re passionate about uncovering transformative business models that boost racial equity, innovation, and digital transformation. We work with clients to create new value and accelerate sustainability journeys.

Be part of an evolving world – a world that works.


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When We Work Together, We: 

  • build connections between people from different backgrounds and cultures. 
  • help the world’s top companies seamlessly tap into global brilliance. The result? New transformative ideas that add tremendous value to the evolving tech world.  (bye-bye stale, male & pale!)
  • redefine digital transformation, create digital connections, and support data modernization.
  • stop scaling hurt by building algorithms that take into account diverse communities.
  • accelerate the careers of brilliant individuals and elevate communities through the multiplier effect.
  • bring thousands into the global talent ecosystem, maximize human potential which unlocks better performance, and work effectively across the world.
  • boost brand affinity, racial equity, and diverse representation.


Learn more about our vision for a better world.

Over the last 18+ years, Wandia has designed a career that combines an ardent interest in global markets with enthusiasm for adventure, fascination with science, and passion for people. She has worked at Fortune 500 companies like Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Eli Lilly. At Samsung, Wandia led ecosystem marketing including developer outreach, awareness, and engagement. A results-driven, growth-focused, data-centric senior marketing leader with both corporate and startup experience, she is passionate about connecting with creators, makers, and visionaries. She loves to dance for fun and fitness.

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