Productivity Tools You Need To Boost Your Efficiency To The Next Level

You have a lot on your plate.

Does it feel like you are constantly busy, without being very productive? With back-to-back meetings, an endless to-do list, emergencies, and the ever-present distractions, it’s a wonder we get anything done. And yet, there are business goals to be met, and revenue to be increased.

If this sounds like your workday, consider the following apps that can help improve your productivity. 

  • Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive & Google Keep

These Google apps make it easier to work from anywhere with anyone. It’s easy to create a document, edit and share it with your team for feedback. Team members can suggest edits or leave comments. As everything is online, it saves on space. Plus, with the ability to enable offline editing, you can work on your document even when you are not connected to the internet. 

  • Shift

Shift functions as one great, big workspace. Shift is a desktop app that allows you to streamline all your accounts, by bringing all of them together in a beautiful and logical way. With Shift, you can bring all your email accounts together, and manage everything from a centralized workstation. You can also bring all your apps and extensions together, and create workspaces. With search, you can find anything across your accounts. It’s one big, seamless place to work from.

  • Right Inbox 

Right Inbox is the email extension you didn’t know you needed. With Right Inbox, you can schedule emails for later, a great help if you work with clients in different time zones. This is also handy for when you’ve been working late but can’t send the email at midnight. If you are constantly sending the same kind of emails, it’s possible to create templates that save you time. It is also possible to schedule follow-ups as you draft your emails, should a client not reply to your first email. You can also track the open rates of your emails, change between various signatures, and add private notes that won’t be seen by anyone else to your emails if you need to.

  • Infinity

Infinity is a product management tool that makes it easier to work together by storing everything in one place and organizing projects the way you want. With Infinity, you can structure your work clutter-free, choose from a variety of views to organize your projects, and customize your workflow fully. Infinity offers a lifetime membership and allows you to compare its pricing against other alternatives such as Asana. 

  • nTask

nTask simplifies project management by streamlining it, allowing you to focus on your priorities. With nTask, you can collaborate and communicate with your team members seamlessly. It’s easy to plan, schedule, execute, allocate resources and report on projects all in one place. Whether it’s task management or project management, you can work faster in a more transparent way with nTask.

  • ProofHub

Still on project management, ProofHub is an all-in-one cloud-based project management platform. It offers all the tools your team may need in one place. With ProofHub, you can plan your upcoming and ongoing projects, collaborate with your team on the platform, organize tasks, workflows, and roles, and deliver on projects of various sizes. ProofHub claims to be an easy-to-understand platform and to have simple price plans.

  • Fleep 

Fleep makes it easier to connect with your team and coordinate work. Its chat feature allows for conversations amongst your team on projects, updates, or idea discussions. Fleep combines messaging with file sharing to make project delivery easier and hassle-free. An extra advantage is that Fleep allows you to communicate with any other Fleep user, even outside your organization.

  • Slack

Slack improves the way you communicate within your organization by being faster than email and more focused than chat. Within Slack, you can create channels to help you keep work organized. You can create channels for departments, for projects, for clients…for whatever your needs may be. Slack also allows integration with Zoom, making it possible to start a meeting at the press of a button. And also allows a host of other third-party integrations. 

  • Toggl

A great part of being productive is being able to account for where your time goes. Toggl, a time-tracking tool allows you to do just that. Whether it’s just for yourself, or for your whole team, Toggl allows you to keep track of the time it takes to work on a specific task and aggregates that time in handy reports. By keeping track of this, you can better quote for projects, and even tell if your team is working over or under capacity. 

  • Lastpass 

Your internet security is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If your work involves handling confidential information or content, Lastpass can be really useful. Lastpass allows you to save your passwords securely and also generates long, randomized passwords to safeguard from hacking. Lastpass also makes it safer to share passwords within the platform, which is a lot more secure than texting or emailing passwords. 

  • Freedom 

Finally, for when you really need to focus, Freedom is an app and website blocker that allows you to be productive. With Freedom, you can block out distractions so you can focus more intently. For example, you can block YouTube or social media platforms for the time when you will be working. It is also possible to schedule sessions when you block distractions or set them to recur.

Hopefully, these tools help you increase your productivity and efficiency. If you found this useful, consider reading our> top 2020 digital marketing productivity tools and our top >10 tips for being productive while working remotely.

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